My Story

How it all Began

I started out quite by accident. Our family had just moved to Japan on an overseas assignment and I was looking online for scrapbooking supplies. I ran into a digital site. And never quite ran back out.


Getting onto a creative team, meeting some wonderful people helped to alleviate the lonely existence of an expat. A move to Europe and meeting up online with my partner in crime, Vanessa, was God-sent. We spent over 10 years creating and playing with digital scraps together.


And though now we both have moved on into other careers, we talk occasionally and maybe one day we’ll create together again.

vivienne 2021
More about Me

I live in the north of Florida. I continued ViVa Artistry as it’s still fun, still of interest. I am a web designer and writer during the day and play with digital scraps in my off time. I still think that art journaling, memory making, and digital design is important, fun, and creative. I love the idea that it’s re-useable art.

My two girls have now grown up and moved away. My mom moved in. And my husband and I still have fun traveling (when we’re not in a pandemic).

I love to cook, write, play with real paper, read books, and sometimes will actually take the sewing machine out.